Social media and the internet are both very tricky places to navigate. It’s crazy and it will drive you crazy if you allow it. From anti-vaxxers to Flat-Earthers, it has all kinds of scum. That said, there are some decent people on Earth and sometimes they come together on social media to do good things. 

1. Twitter helps reunite Brianna Cry with her childhood friend Heidi. The two had met on a cruise 10 years prior to this tweet by Cry, where she shared a photo and said that they were best friends for the night. 

Cry wanted Twitter to find Heidi for her and guess what…

2. Following Trump’s immigration policy that separated thousands of families, hundreds of people found a way to reunite some of these families due to this one viral tweet. 

Jeff Wilensky heard about a three-year-old immigrant child and his father in need of a flight from Ann Arbor, Michigan where he was detained. He then found out that he could donate his extra miles to help them reunite. Later, his wife, Beth posted about the incident on Twitter.  

Soon, the tweet went viral and hundreds of other people joined in to help. 

3. Twitter came together to help a 12-year-old reunite with his parents during the immigration crisis in the country brought upon by the sudden lockdown in March 2020. 

The 12-year old’s parents were migrants from Bihar visiting their hometown before the lockdown, leaving him with their relatives. However, they got stuck in Bihar due to the lockdown and their son in New Delhi with their relatives. Soon after a family dispute between the relatives and the boy’s parents resulted in the child being thrown out of the house and having to find shelter in a park in Dwarka.

It was a Twitter user named Sneha who finally helped the child reunite with his parents by tweeting his disheartening story. 

4. Irish Rail sent a “Lost dog!” tweet with a photo attachment after a Jack Russell Terrier arrived on a train from rural Kilcock, County Kildare. Patch had gone missing the night before in Kilcock, 30 kilometres west of Dublin. 

Within 30 minutes of the tweet and the 500 retweets that followed, Patch’s photo found its way to its owner, Dierdre Anglin, who was eventually reunited with her dog. 

Silicon Republic

Here are the both of them reunited!

The Today Show

5. Nobody who was in the national capital during the 2nd wave will ever forget when Twitter went into overdrive to help people with hospitals, ambulances, medicines and oxygen cylinders to name a few. 

While many people did receive help, most didn’t. There is only so much, individual citizens can do. 

6. On most days, Twitter’s a bad place. On some other days, it comes together to celebrate the birthday of a 6-year old. 

Sil Mazzini, Teddy’s mother, invited 32 of his classmates to Peter Piper Pizza in Tucson, Arizona, for her son’s birthday party. Unfortunately, nobody showed up

When the news went viral, everyone, from common people to celebrities to his favourite teams, everyone came together to wish him. 

7. Twitter also helped this Malaysian woman who had been adopted as a kid reunite with her long lost siblings. 

On August 5, 2019, Twitter user Siti Nurhafizah took to the platform in an attempt to find her long lost siblings from Pahang, Malaysia. She said: 

Helloo!! I’m trying to find/locate my long lost siblings in Malaysia, Pahang. The last time I met them was when I was 8. I have their address but I don’t think they’re still staying there. My oldest sister should be 24 years old, my second sister 23.

Nurhafizah’s tweet soon went viral and half a day later, Twitter user Elyna  stepped replied to her: 

Ellina explained that Nurhafizah was sent to Singapore to live with a foster family when she was just 9 and that her siblings had been trying to find her for about 10 years. But they were all reunited with each other within 24 hours of that first tweet. 

8. Twitter helped Kamala Gupta, a woman with Alzheimer’s reunite with her family. 

North Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police Madhur Verma had tweeted this photo of 80-year-old Kamla Gupta, who was lost and was unable to remember any details of her family. 

This was retweeted hundreds of times before Twitter user Vishal Jain got in contact with Gupta’s family. 

Following this, Gupta was finally reunited with her family. 

9.  When Twitter came together to stand up with a kid who was bullied at school by his friends. 

Keaton Jones’ mother Kimberly shared a video of an emotional Keaton discussing the various awful ways he’s been bullied at school. 

Once the video went viral, everyone, from us commoners to celebrities flocked to Keaton’s side. 

Even Captain America came on board. 

10. No matter how shit the world gets, it’s always good to see people come together to help kids out. 

Twitter user @Hopenlesmyth asked his followers if they knew anybody famous to wish his bullied son a Happy Birthday, he couldn’t have expected to see messages from Hollywood stars. But, that’s what happens when you go viral!

The internet’s not that bad a place sometimes. I mean, it’s generally a cesspool of toxicity but sometimes, it’s nice.