With all due respect to a publication as big as Times Of India, we, with all our feminine humility, almost ended up having a team meeting over the absurdity of something they released to pitch their new campaign: Times Women’s Drive. While a few days ago, a popular radio channel came up with something remarkable in the name of an ‘infomercial,’ TOI just outdid them, that too with panache.

Please have a look at this picture. Also, read between the lines. Or don’t. Just read what the copy says:


After you have gone through the whole thing (read the damn copy, for chrissake), turn your gaze to the picture on the right. You will notice a woman perched atop a vehicle in a golden backless gown. And, from what we figured, she is NOT A PROP. NOPE. She seems to be the torchbearer of all those women who will drive from Mumbai to Goa to ‘celebrate the spirit of womanhood and support the cause of cancer prevention.’ We are guessing that the backless gown in the picture is the desired dress code, and the way the lady is sitting is how the women will be expected to manoeuvre their respective cars for the ‘love of the memories that drive them.’ Because, who runs the world? Girls. This is just TOI’s way of telling everyone that everything that men think they can do, women can do better: acrobatic gear shifting being one of them.

Even though the ‘drive’ is supposed to cherish the memories of those lost to cancer, nowhere does this interesting commercial mention HOW they intend to do that. Are they calling out people for donations, sponsors, alms, celebrity pop-ups, something? Anything? Not particularly sure. Women dressed in golden backless gowns, looking like poised bond girls? Maybe.