If you are in Tokyo, strolling around in a public park, don’t get surprised if you come across transparent public toilets. Yes, you read that right. 

These spacious, transparent, colourful restrooms have been installed at two parks in Tokyo as part of the “Tokyo Toilet Project” which aims to reinvent public toilets as cleaner and safer facilities. 

They came up with this unusual idea so that people could see if the restrooms are clean from the inside before entering it.

But, there’s a catch, the walls remain transparent as long as no one is inside the restroom. As soon as a toilet-goer locks the door the walls turn opaque with various pastel hues so, you don’t have to worry about your privacy because you are in safe hands.

The Tokyo Toilet Project took the help of architect Shigeru Ban to fulfill their vision.

For those who are wondering how that’s possible, let me tell you the toilet walls are made of smart glass. So basically,  as long as the door is locked no one from the outside can peep inside. 

People on the internet were highly impressed with this innovative concept. 

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