Google introduces for the very first time, a unique ‘Which animal are you’ quiz on its doodle to mark Earth Day, 2015.

The answers can be as interesting as a woolly mammoth, a honey badger, a cuttlefish, a mantis shrimp, a pangolin or a komodo dragon!

Google’s journey with interesting doodles started in the year 1998.

Questions with 5 sets of options of 4, the doodle reveals which animal you resemble to according to your personality. It claims to be totally scientific and 1,000% accurate as well.

A note written on the Earth Day’s quiz says, ” And this Earth Day, you can turn to Google for the answer to something that you’ve always needed to know: which animal are you???”

We have dug out 10 more doodles from the past which show the perfect amalgamation of art and innovation done by Google.

1. 81st Anniversary of the Loch Ness Monster’s most famous photograph

2. Mother’s Day

3. St. Patrick’s Day 2015

4. Momofuku Ando’s 105th Birthday

5. Lunar New Year 2015

6. Valentine’s Day, 2015

7. New Year, 2015

8. R. K. Narayan’s 108th Birthday

9. Teacher’s Day

10. Kishore Kumar’s 85th Birthday

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Images source: Google