What are the neighbours talking about on their Independence Day? From wishing India a ‘Happy Father’s Day’, critiquing the current political status quo of the country to tweeting about Indian cricketers, we bring to you our pick of what is trending in Pakistan on August 14. A peek into the world of Twitter from the other side of the mirror.



Wriddhiman Saha

Dissing this Indian cricketer seems to be the national past time:

#SonehraPakistan Awwwww!

Wow moment!

And this…

Pakistan has, in reality, never really come close to state failure in the way that some countries post-Arab Spring the world over have. T he currency has not collapsed. The economy continues to keep its head above water. Not ideal, but neither wholly dysfunctional either. We must remember that at 68 years, quite like India as a nation, Pakistan is barely out of its infancy. Before the naysayers get trolling, I would like to add that Pakistan today is a glass half-full — and looking set to fill the other half.

Meanwhile on Google, the doodle was

Pakistan Independence Day 2015 Google Doodle | Source: Google

Haters gonna hate. But we’d rather opt to spread love.

Feature image source: pakistantoday.com