Recently, stories of dolphins and swans returning to the canals of Venice, Italy after the Covid-19 lockdown went viral on social media with people thinking nature had reclaimed its space. 

However, as per National Geographic, it has now been proved that this is a false story. The story originated basis a tweet by Twitter user Kaveri Ganapathy Ahuja. 

While it's true that the water in the canals has become clearer, the swans are actually regular visitors in the area. Apparently, the photo of the swans in the post is actually from the canals of Burano. Another Twitter user also pointed out the same, in response to the original tweet. 

Similarly, as per the report by Nat Geo, the dolphins in the post were actually filmed at a port in Sardinia. 

Source: goeco

The viral news about elephants getting drunk and passing out in a tea field has also been proved to be untrue, as per a report by Xinhua News Agency. Elephants entering the Yunnan Province, China, is a common occurrence, and no elephant got drunk. 

Elephant Herd
Source: Twitter

These stories had gone viral on social media, with people readily believing them to be true, perhaps because everyone wants to see good news during trying times. Unfortunately, this time around, it isn't true.