You hate it when we call Bollywood out for romanticising stalking by giving justifications like ‘pyaar mein sab jaayaz hai’ or ‘chill, it’s just a movie’. My dear, it’s high time we realise reel can influence reality big time.   

Case in point: A Twitter user called out a guy who ‘digitally’ stalked her after he saw her somewhere outdoors and then slid into her DM.  

When questioned how he found her name, he proudly states that he used an app to scan the number plate of her father’s car and then tracked him on Facebook. Then he tracked down her older sister, looked through her Instagram friend list, and finally spotted the girl.

Furthermore, the sheer audacity of this lunatic to call it a ‘talent’ is blood boiling. You think we aren’t serious? Take a look at the Tweet.

Twitter is enraged at the blood-curdling behaviour of this guy, particularly his justification. This raises serious questions on cyber security. 

While some also expressed that they’ve been through the same. 


It’s a rule of thumb, stalking someone doesn’t prove your ‘shiddat‘ whatsoever and you come out as nothing but a creep.