In the interview with a news channel last year, Kejriwal sparked a row with this:

“Even if a thulla is caught demanding money from street vendors, we can’t try him.”

Now, everyone knows what it meant, right?

NO. The Delhi High Court judges today in a hearing said the word is not in the dictionary and demanded that Kejriwal explain what it means. Th judges said:

“You (Kejriwal) will have to satisfy this court, what is the meaning of the word that was allegedly used by you. So be ready. If you have used this word, you must be knowing the meaning. I have not seen this word at all.”

As expected, Twitter jumped in and decided to help both the judges and the Delhi CM in finding the meaning of this word. And in the most hilarious way.

Will this help, Mr Kejriwal?

Some, like us, can’t wait for the Delhi CM to respond

The joke was also on the judges

Users are ready for action if Kejriwal, after all, is unable to “satisfy” the court