Indians are the last to not be familiar with Big Fat Weddings. Hell, we might even have invented it! And if there’s one unsaid rule that prevails at almost every wedding, everywhere, it’s that let the couple enjoy the attention. Especially if it’s the event they’ve saved up for the longest time. Don’t be like this guy John, whom Twitter is massively calling out as the douche of the month.

Here’s what happened. A woman wrote into an online column, Dear Prudence, about how she was upstaged at her own, full blowout of $80,000 wedding. She writes that they were a couple who “started dating, got pregnant, had a child, moved in together, bought a house, and got a dog in that order”, but because their family and friends kept nagging them to make it official, they went for it. It was a wedding atmosphere that everybody enjoyed, Particularly the groom’s best friend John, who stretched the boundaries of #BroLove too far.

Now, this is the perfect time to also tell you that he was the man officiating the wedding. So touched was he by the arrangements, that he chose to propose to his girlfriend, mid-ceremony and announce her pregnancy. 


There was such a commotion, so many congratulatory messages being passed on, that the bride could not even complete her vows. Then John went on to ask the band to play a song for a dance with Jane, during his best friend’s wedding.


The bride and the groom have not spoken to the best man and his fiance since, and the online columnist wrote back suggesting that a fight was better than seething inside.

Dear Prudence

But Twitter says, “Cut it off!”.


Okay guys, it’s pretty clear that you’re not supposed to be the limelight at someone else’s wedding. They’ve paid for it, just enjoy the food, get drunk, congratulate them, and work towards your limelight if you want one.