A story of warmth and secularity has been shared from a small town in Kerala. 

A muslim couple, Abdulla and Khadeeja who raised the daughter of a Hindu family decided to get her married in a temple, in a traditional Hindu ceremony. 

muslim daughter married in a temple
Source: Twittr

Rajeshwari arrived in the family's house when she was 7 or 8 years old and. As her father Saravanan was a coolie worker, he worked regularly at Abdulla’s residence and farmland at Kunnariyam. When he passed away, the family took her in and she grew up alongside the family's three sons. 

Recently, the 22-year-old Rajeshwari got a marriage proposal from Vishnu and when they visited his house, the family insisted that they tie the knot in a temple. So they picked the Manyottu temple in Kanhangad where people of all religions are allowed. 

Twitter is all praises for Rajeshwari's story

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