Two Indian men have been detained by Chinese police for allegedly trying to molest a Taiwanese tourist in the lift of a hotel.

b’Representational Image | Source: Reuters’

The two men, hailing from Haryana and stated to be part of a group of traders brought by a tea company from India, allegedly attempted to molest the Taiwanese tourist on July 7 in the lift, officials said.

Acting on the complaint from the woman, police detained the two men, aged around 28 and 50 years, and questioned them by showing the footage of the CCTV camera in the lift. In the video, they were purportedly seen first taking photographs with her and later pulling her inside the lift as she was getting out after the lift reached the lobby, the officials said.

While the older man pulled her into the lift, his younger friend closed the lift’s door and took it to the 10th floor where they were staying. 

b’Tourists in China | Representational Image | Source: PTI’

During this time, the older man was purportedly seen trying to molest her while the woman made desperate attempts to resist. As the lift came down she was seen rushing out and the two men also went to lobby. Later, Beijing Police came looking for the two and took them into custody.

The Indian Embassy was expected to be officially informed on Monday of their detention at a police centre in the outskirts.

The two men were detained till July 14, and it is not yet clear whether they will be released after that and allowed to leave the country, officials sources said.

(Feature image source: Reuters)