Seeking to ensure credibility and decent behaviour towards customers, the US-based taxi app service Uber has signed an agreement with the Army Welfare Placement Organisation paving way for the ex-army men to enlist as drivers with the taxi service in India.

The new model is already in place in US since last September where it is known as Uber Military. In India, it will be known as UberFAUJI.

With a pool of 100,000 ex-servicemen, AWPO, which comes under the Ministry of Defence and assists ex-servicemen in securing private sector jobs, is likely to give Uber a large chunk of reliable and verified drivers. Getting ex-army men on platform is aimed at tackling the company’s serious problems of ensuring safety of women passengers after one of its drivers was convicted of rape.

As per the agreement the company will help ex-service members get access to vehicle loans so they can become drivers on the platform.

“At Uber, we understand that members of our armed forces are some of the nation’s most talented, committed and skilled people. It is our honour to provide access to opportunities and empowerment on the Uber platform,” said Amit Jain, president, Uber India, a Business Standard report said.

The programme in the US asks veterans and their spouses to sign up to be Uber drivers. In February, the company had 10,000 veterans as part of its programme.

Uber has been replicating various models in India that were fist launched in US.

Recently, the company launched Uber Peer To Peer, a ride-sharing app in Punjab. Similarly, there’s an indication that Uber’s another service UberEats, that virtually turns Uber drivers as delivery boys of ready-to-eat food, might be not far away in India.

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