A couple in Bengaluru were running late for their engagement and to make sure they caught it they made a call threatening that there was a bomb on it.

According to the New Indian Express, Neha Gopinathan and Arjun were supposed to reach Kochi on Thursday morning for their engagement. The couple, who worked as instructors in a private teaching academy, were to catch an 8:45 pm Air Asia flight from Bengaluru to Kochi on Wednesday. 


But when the couple were stuck in traffic in Bengaluru’s Jayanagar area around 8pm, they realised they would miss their flight, reports Times of India. Frantically, they started making calls to their relatives in Kochi telling them to do something to delay the flight.

The Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) then received a call around 8.31 pm saying that a bomb was placed on the Kochi-bound Air Asia flight. The airport authorities immediately cordoned off the area, de-boarded the passengers and called the bomb squad unit.

Hindu reports that the exercise went on till 1 am and the authorities were sure by then that the call was a hoax. The flight finally took off around 3 am.


Meanwhile, the police traced the call to an area in Kochi and the couple arrived at the airport around 8:59 requesting to board the flight. The police then inquired where the two travellers were headed and realised they were going to the same area that the bomb threat call had come from. 

The Hindu reports that the police summoned the couple later and registered a case against them. However, they were allowed to go ahead with their engagement rituals.

(Feature image source: Reuters)