We all have a lot of people in our lives. Some of them are super-nice but some, not so much. As mean as it may sound, don't let yourself be surrounded by negativity. Keep away from these kind of people. Don't pick up their calls or reply to their texts because they are nothing but trouble.

1. The backbiters

In Buddhism, backbiting is against the ideal of right speech and you don't need to be a Buddhist to avoid it. Just do away with a friend who backbites because they will only bring you down.

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2. The ones who contact you only when they need something

Yes, that person who calls you only when they need a book, a movie or money need to go away without any questions asked. You don't want to end up looking like them, do you?

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3. The ones who think they're too cool for the world

The ones who are not cool and try too hard to be, they need to go too. Be around people who are comfortable with themselves. Wannabes are a big NO-NO!

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4. The drama queens

No matter how boring life becomes without drama, it is good to keep it simple. You don't need that friend who gets hyper when her nail breaks. Bid adieu to this type of person and find your spice somewhere else.

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5. People who cancel plans at the last moment

"I won't be able to make it today." Don't entertain this over and over again unless there is a reason good enough. They are not worth the effort.

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6. People who make you feel bad about yourself

They won't say it directly to you but will make sure they point it out. More than three times and do away with them. Take the hints.

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7. The know-it-alls

You will come across people who think their way of doing something is the only way to do it. Be aware that is not true. Stay away from people like Chatur.

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8. People who are jealous of you

Sometimes, you just know that the other person is jealous of you. And no matter for how long you cling onto them, it will end up badly. So fly away!

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9. People who borrow things and never return

SO many of these kind of people are around us. If you are one of them, please return things you borrowed. Books, pen-drives, money and everything else. Also, who borrowed my books?

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10. People who do not believe in you

People who think you can't do it are no good. They will only make you feel insignificant in life. No matter how comforting they are otherwise, drop them because they won't push you to work harder.

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11. People who think they are always right

So many of these. Remember how annoying it was when that one friend did not accept their mistake because apparently they were right? Refreshed some bad memories, eh? Don't let that happen again.

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12. People who talk a lot and never listen

How about you shut your mouth for a while? Don't talk too much, please. We have opinions too. Let us talk. And if you can't then be ready to be thrown in the dustbin!

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13. People who ask for your opinion and do just the opposite

Am I the only one who does not get why people do this? Why do they even ask us if they have to do the opposite thing? Unfollow these kind of people because they are so annoying!

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14. People who are emotional all the time

As much as I value someone's emotions, I feel like I can't sign up for an all time emotional dose. Sometimes they get emotional over how emotional they are. Everyone has got their own problems, deal with yours and don't be emo all the time. You can't save the damsel if she loves distress. Get it?

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15. People who gossip a lot

So they told you something about someone's personal life. Big deal, right? No. Watch out, they might be doing the same with you. You cross these kind of people just once and your secrets will be out in the open. Also a lot of rumors. Beware!

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16. People who take you for granted

You did someone a favor and they don't even realize it. Walk away when it becomes a habit because they are not worth it.

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17. The ultra competitive ones

Oh so you got 3 marks more than he got? Well, you are a champ. People who compete over less important things in life are such a headache. Let them go.

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18. People who crossed you more than 2 times

Someone who crossed you twice is likely to do it thrice. Don't put yourself in situations where it keeps happening over and over again. Drop them right away!

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19. People who pick on weaker people

They know the other person will not be able to fight them and that is what makes them pick up a fight. Remember someone who did this? Drop them right now!

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20. People who are sarcastic all the time

Sarcasm is a beautiful art but you don't want someone to be sarcastic all the time. Sometimes, you are just not in the mood to take it.

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21. People with a fake accent

So they went to the States for a week or two and returned with a free accent. How about you don't roll your words? People who make it a habit to use fake accents, drop them maybe? It's totally optional.

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22. People who message you as soon as they see you online

Like you came online just to get their clingy messages. Get rid of these people on Facebook, Twitter or wherever they exist. Because you don't want to not reply now and explain later why you could not reply. Save yourself the efforts.

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23. The creepy ones

Some people are just creepy for not one reason that can be pointed out but a lot of them. When you notice a creepy package getting close to you, do what must be done, unless you are a creep too.

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24. Overly aggressive people

Remember how your mom once said that a man must choose what to fight for? Sometimes it is good to let it be and not pick up a fight when someone on the road hit your car a bit. Anyone who does not miss a chance to pick up a fight and shows violent behavior should be done away with immediately.

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25. The overly intellects

So you mentioned it to your friend that they look upset and they made you count all the existential problems one can have. "What am I doing with life?" is okay once in a while but if someone makes a habit out of it, it gets annoying. Make your move.

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Know someone who does any of these? You know your next move.