Union minister Nitin Gadkari has claimed that COVID-19 is not a naturally occurring virus and was made in a labrotary, thus making the research for a vaccine much tougher. 

Source: Outlook

Speaking to NDTV, he said:

This is not a natural virus. It is an artificial virus and now many countries in the whole world – they are researching it for a vaccine. The vaccine is not available, it is expected that the vaccine will be available as soon as possible, then there will be no problem. The virus is not natural. This is unexpected because this is a virus from a laboratory. 

Gadkari also said that the situation will get better once people start getting the vaccine. 

Gadkari seemed to have been repeating US President Donald Trump's theory that the virus originated in a Chinese laboratory. 

Source: WION

FYI, the Coronavirus is a naturally occurring virus and was not manufactured in a laboratory. The same has been testified by scientists all over the world.