In a step that is aimed towards 'liberating' transgender people across the globe, the World Health Organisation removed the sexual orientation from the list of 'mental disorders'.

Source: World Health Organisation

The clearance for the decision was given by the World Health Assembly and is expected to be adopted by all member nations soon. 

Source: Dream Host

According to a report by TIME, the 'gender identity disorders' will now be called 'gender incongruence' in the International Classification of Diseases. 

Additionally, gender non-conformity is now a part of a chapter of 'sexual health' rather than being a 'mental disorder'.

Source: USA Today

Various LGBTQ-rights organisations have appreciated the move, saying that it will go a long way in de-stigmatizing the people of the community.

Well, this should ideally have happened a long time back but better late than never. Hoping that no one will have to hear that they have a 'disorder' because of their sexual orientation.