Raj Kumar, got bitten by a snake in his house in a village in the Etah district of UP. In retaliation, he bit the snake into pieces. Raj biting the snake has landed him in the hospital, where he is in a critical condition. 

In recent news, there is yet another man who has exacted revenge on a snake that bit him. 


His father Babu Ram revealed that Raj was drunk when he bit the snake, 

My son was drunk. A snake entered our home and bit him. He later bit the snake into pieces. His condition is serious. We are unable to afford the expenses of his treatment. 
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Even the doctors were confused when they had to treat Raj, 

A patient came to me and said that he bit a snake. I misunderstood as the snake bit him. His condition is serious. He has been referred to another hospital. 

The family cremated the snake after the incident.