It just so happens that once in a while you hear stories that are so agonizing, it makes your heart jump out. In this case, it was intestines.   

According to reports, 24-year-old, Sunil Chowhan from UP fell from a moving train and his intestines came out due to severe injury. He tied his shirt around his ripped stomach and walked at least nine kilometers to reach the nearest station.  


Chowhan along with his two brothers had boarded the Sanghamithra Express in Balia, UP to travel to Andhra Pradesh. He had got out of his berth to go the washroom at 2 in the morning. 

While walking towards he toilet, Sunil stopped near the washbasin but accidentally fell out of the train when the train swerved sharply. No one saw him fall. He suffered a severe injury in the abdomen and his entails came out. 

Reportedly, in his blistering pain, Sunil still gathered courage, pushed his intestines back into his stomach and started walking towards the nearest railways station i.e. Hasanparthy station that was about two hours and nine kilometers away from his location.  


Thankfully, the station master at the station immediately spotted him and took him to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Reports mentioned that he’s keeping stable after the surgery.