Friendships can be forged anywhere, between anybody; all one needs is an emotional connection. Speaking of friends, a UP man has found an unlikely BFF in a bird.

Have a look at this video shared by Piyush Rai on Twitter.

Apparently, Mohammad Aarif from Amethi, UP, rescued a Sarus Crane from a farm. The bird had a wound on the leg, so Aarif brought it home and treated the injuries. Since then, the bird never left his side.

While speaking to local media, Aarif revealed how he never expected the bird to stay with him. It follows him wherever he goes and even plays with him in the evenings. It hides in the verandah when other birds come to take him. At times, the bird leaves with its friends, but it always returns in the evening. It’s not friendly with anybody besides Aarif, not even his family.

Twitter is all in aww of this uncanny bond. Have a look at how people are reacting.

This is just so wholesome. Right?