A few days ago, two cops from UP decided to shout ‘thain thain‘ to scare the goons hiding in a sugarcane field, and became an overnight rage.

Now, while the internet memed the hell out of them,

The police department in UP doesn’t find anything funny about the incident.

And so, it has decided to stand in solidarity with its employees, and has nominated the cop Manoj Kumar’s name for an award and a special certificate from the director general of the police.

In a report by The Times of India, Sambhal superintendent of police Yamuna Prasad was quoted as saying:

My subordinate, SI Manoj Kumar, was hailed as a hero and my seniors have taken the incident very positively. In a police engagement, the SI didn’t quit the battle after his pistol choked. Then, he started to shout encouraging words for his fellow colleagues in a strategic move. 

No kidding, if ‘maaro maaro, ghero ghero, thain thain’ doesn’t encourage you, I don’t know what will. 


Add to that the presence of mind. I mean, would you mimic gunshots if your gun stopped working-

In the middle of an encounter, 

In the middle of a sugarcane field? 

Amar Ujala

But jokes apart, one of the criminals was arrested in the said encounter, as per the reports from NDTV

So, tt seems he does deserve the award, after all.