Parents generally name their children after someone who they think is an idol. A similar incident took place in Bareilly where a woman has named her newborn after the police officer who helped her husband reach home amid lockdown when she was expecting their first baby.

UP Police
Source: India Times

According to Hindustan Times, Tammanna Khan, a resident of Izzatnagar, Bareilly was alone at her house as her husband, Anees Khan, was stranded in Noida as the 21-day nation-wide lockdown began.

Tammanna posted a video on Facebook saying that there was no one to help her as the time of delivery arrived. However, Uttar Pradesh Police immediately came to the rescue and helped the pregnant women.

Tammanna Khan
Source: India Times

Right after her post, the Bareilly police responded and took the woman to a local hospital and got her admitted. Bareilly’s Senior Superintendent of Police Shailesh Pandey said,

I got the message through social media in which Tamanna Khan had sought help from police. We reached out to her and subsequently requested Noida police to help bring her husband Anees to Bareilly from Noida.
Newborn baby
Source: Hindustan Times

Kumar Ranvijay Singh, Noida Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police made arrangements to bring her husband to Bareilly. After delivering the baby on Thursday, Tammanna expressed her gratitude on Twitter, thanking the UP Police for their help.

Kumar Ranvijay Singh
Source: India TV

Tammanna tweeted, "I have named my son Mohd Ranvijay Khan, the additional commissioner of police Noida, without whose help my husband would not have been able to reach Bareilly during the lockdown."

Uttar Pradesh Police
Source: India Today

She said that the local police acted like a ‘Guardian Angel’ at a time when she needed help and she thinks that the cops are the real heroes.