We all have said something at some point in our lives, that really didn’t make any sense, just like this US journalist who said that she tried to reach out to a dead man for a comment, but was unable to do so for very obvious reasons. (Yes, this actually happened.)

While reporting a fatal police pursuit in Anaheim, US journalist Sara Welch of KTLA news said she tried to contact a man for comment on his own death. She told the viewers that she tried to reach out to the dead man for comment but he was ‘unavailable’. (That’s what a slip of tongue can do to you.)


No one really knows when the footage was originally aired but the clip was shared by a journalist named Yashar Ali on Twitter. The clip was so hilarious that it garnered over 4.5 million views in a short span of time. 

Obviously, netizens too couldn’t stop LOLing on the blunder that Welch made on live TV. 

After the small clip went viral, Sara Welch took to Twitter to shed light on the incident. She said that the video was one year old and that she wanted to say family but ended up saying man. While replying to a comment, she also said that she didn’t realize her mistake when she was speaking. 

Sara, we feel you. We all have been there.