Many consider Usain Bolt the fastest man on earth who consistently leaves all his competitors behind in athletic meets around the world. But the Bolt express almost got derailed when he was brought crashing down by a cameraman, of all people.

Although Justin Gatlin failed to topple Bolt from his top position, in the 200 metres sprint at World Athletic Championship, the cameraman went on to give that idiom a literal meaning.

The Segway, an electric scooter, that the cameraman was riding lost balance after its wheel went over a camera track, and crashed into Bolt. Fortunately, both of them survived without injuries, despite falling over each other, which could have had serious consequences.

The cameraman floored the superstar | Source: Reuters

Known for his wit which is quicker than his sprint on the track, Usain Bolt chipped in a joke about the incident saying, “They tried to kill me”. This is one of those instances when the person meant to cover the news, became news himself.

Thankfully Bolt shows no signs of slowing down, despite being knocked out by the most unlikeliest of obstacles.

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