Not less than a week ago, 29-year-old Varnika Kundu was driving back home in Chandigarh. It was past midnight and two men, a true reflection of society’s oppressive thinking that women should not be out at odd hours, sensed an opportunity and started following her in their car. They stalked her wherever she went and even tried to pry her car’s door open. Somehow, she managed to inform the police and reach home unharmed.

But the feisty lady wasn’t the one to back down like that. She narrated the entire incident on Facebook, letting everyone know about the harrowing experience. The probe began and it turned out that one of the two guys who was following her was the son of an influential politician in Haryana. 

It was a tough fight from there but Varnika was resolute to bring her perpetrators to justice. In this journey, her father Virender Kundu, an IAS officer, stood by her like a rock.   

Support came in from everyone and the internet hailed Varnika’s courage. The entire family went through an ordeal and a slight relief came after the culprits were arrested.

Virender Kundu took to Facebook to express gratitude for all the support that poured in for his daughter. In this heartfelt message, he shares how their lives changed post the traumatic incident and that there’s a long way before Varnika and the family finds closure from the incident.

Read his post below: 

Now that the first significant step has been taken in the investigation, and the formal process of law has started, let me share some thoughts and feelings.

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Stand tall, Varnika. More power to you.