Most of us have given at least one interview at some point of time or the other in our lives.

And we know it ain’t easy.

I mean, what do you expect us to say when the interviewer asks ‘Why should we hire you?’

However, what we often to tend to forget is the fact that the interviewing process is equally hectic for the interviewer as well. 

As was highlighted by one Twitter user called Ravina Rawal recently, when she took to the social networking website to vent her frustration via a series of tweets.

Agreed, if you’re cancelling your interview, at least do it with some class.

And definitely don’t go looking for a bromance.

Okay, that’s just plain creepy. 

And seriously, that’s some next level optimism. 

Also, you might be a big fan of babaji ki booty, but not everybody shares your enthusiasm. 

Your previous boss might’ve been the devil personified, but kindly refrain from bitching about them in a new job interview.

Interview se pehle ek shower toh banta hai yaar. After all, a deodorant can only do so much.

Friendship goals.

Asking your potential employer about future job opportunities? 

Smooth AF.

Don’t worry Ravina. We understand your pain. This too shall pass, even though many who’d applied might not.