Imagine the dulcet and calming voice of Morgan Freeman narrating the story of your life. When suddenly taking your dog out for a walk or picking fresh fruit at the grocery shop blows up like that celestial event that somehow affects the functioning of the universe, with you at the centre. Hey, at least, we all are the heroes of our lives and Mr. Freeman’s voice would be just that epic soundtrack we needed at all cross roads. 

So, if you agree with us, here’s the splendid news.

Google’s free navigation app, Waze, will feature Morgan Freeman’s voice! 

Morgan Freeman’s voice is here to guide us through our existential questions, of where we are headed, and how we should get there. Imagine the divine and god-like voice telling you to turn the next right at India Gate.

What’s better? Vice President Freeman will address you as Mr. President.

Don’t jump up just yet. The inclusion of the actor’s voice is part of a marketing tie-up with Google for Freeman’s latest release, London Has Fallen (sequel to Olympus Has Fallen), in which the actor plays the Vice President of the United States. The app will feature Freeman addressing you, the driver, as the president and delve out directional instructions in a fun role play.  

So, not only do you have the voice of the millennium helping you out with directions, you also get to play the President of the United States, in Delhi (or wherever). Now that’s cool!

The morning drive to office is going to be so much better now.