Most people in the world are satisfied with living a conventional life. You know the kind with daily routines and calculated risks. Sounds epically boring, doesn’t it? But then there are always individuals who refuse to play it safe. They are the kinds who do the unbelievable stuff… like go jogging on a mountain cliff edge. Just for kicks!

French film maker Sebasian Montaz-Rosset decided to combine travelling, adventure and film making by t aking things to new heights — mountain-level-crazy-heights. In this video taken by a GoPro camera, the dare devil was literally on the edge, as he ran down a narrow cliff edge.

Nothing like a little evening run.Le jogging-du-soir-qui-détend.www.sebmontaz.comMusic by the masters Noir Désir/ L’homme pressé.#Feiyutech

Posted by Seb Montaz Studio on Sunday, August 9, 2015

With the kind of thrills the video gives to viewers, one can only imagine what the one filming it might have experienced!

Feature image source: NDTV