What would you do to avoid paying extra at an airport? Drop some luggage, reduce your take-home itinerary or probably ask your friend or relatives to courier you the same. 

A man just wore all his shirts at one single go. 

Vietnam Airlines

Remember Chandler hiding Joey’s clothes to take revenge and then Joey goes on to wear every piece of clothing that Chandler has, well we’ve got another Joey, but this time in Glasgow. 


A 46-year-old from Scotland, wore 8 kgs of clothing to reduce the weight of his luggage at the airport, reports Daily Mail

A video that later went viral, shows John Irvine, wearing 15 t-shirts simultaneously to avoid coughing up £96 or ₹8253 on excessive luggage. The video was shot by John’s son Josh Irvine. 


Talking to the Mirror, Josh said his father is a bit of a “comedian” and will try almost anything. 

Though the same didn’t go down well with the airport authorities, who became suspicious. Josh told Mirror: 

They told him to take off some tops, and he kept taking them off because they were wondering what he was hiding. 

Josh also posted on Twitter and people found his dad’s behaviour at the airport extremely hilarious. 

Garnering close to 789k views and a 35,552 likes on social media, the video surely gave a lot of people their daily dose of laughter.