Members of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad created a ruckus and took to vandalising public property on Valentine’s Day, across the country.

Videos and pictures of the groups opposing the Valentine’s Day culture in several cities have surfaced on the Internet.


The activists caused mayhem and chased away couples at the riverfront in Ahmedabad.

Several Bajrang Dal activists also took out rallies against Valentine’s Day celebrations. Reports suggest that they also burned red stuffed toys and hearts in protest in Nagpur and certain parts of Madhya Pradesh.

A group of people also indulged in vandalism at a mall in Hyderabad. They organised rallies and protested in front of restaurants and shops. 

In the videos, widely being shared on social media, the micreants can be seen shouting, Band karo, band karo, Valentine’s day band karo.

People expressed their anger over the act of the miscreants and questioned the Hyderabad city police for not taking any action.

No case has been registered so far by the Hyderabad Police, but they are investigating the videos doing rounds on social media.