From saving a number of lives to standing on roads in extreme weather conditions, the life of a cop isn’t easy. They constantly keep going above and beyond their duties for the sake of civilians. Like this traffic policeman who was seen teaching a homeless kid while also doing his duty.

Needless to mention, the picture of the traffic cop and the eight-year-old kid went viral for all good reasons. 

In a viral picture captured by Journalist Arnabangshu Neogi, Sergeant Prakash Ghosh, Southeast Traffic Guard in Kolkata, was seen teaching a little boy. While the cop had a twig in his hand, the little one was seen sitting on a plastic sheet under the shade of a tree and was writing in his notebook.

In a Facebook post, the official account of Kolkata Police mentioned:

Since his uniform and gaiters make it difficult for him to sit, Sergeant Prakash Ghosh takes his ‘class’ standing up, using a twig as a teaching tool.

As per the post, the cop met the kid and his mother, who works at a roadside food stall, one year ago. She tried to get her child admitted to a government school but couldn’t. When the little boy from the third standard started losing his interest in studies, the cop decided to take the matter into his own hands.

The homeless mother and son live on the pavement, but she nurtures great hopes that her son will break free of the shackles of grinding poverty and make his mark on the world. 

Whenever the cop is assigned to the Ballygunge ITI area, he checks his homework and supervises traffic as well. As per the post, the little boy’s gradual improvement has given his mother complete faith in his teacher.

Netizens appreciated the sergeant’s gesture and thanked him for restoring their faith in humanity. Here’s what they had to say:


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