Vipin Kumar Tripathi, a 71-year-old former IIT professor is on a mission to spread peace and make our society a better place. 

Source: Telegraph

Armed with pamphlets and blessed with patience, this old man goes around Delhi-NCR spreading awareness about sensitive issues like Ayodhya, Kashmir, NRC etc. 

I feel we need to go to people and remove their prejudices from their minds. This kind of polarisation is very harmful for the unity of the nation.
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As he WALKS around distributing peaceful pamphetes, he often battles through bitter-nasty verbal abuses. In fact, on many occasions, he has been called a traitor for trying to spread peace, to which he responds: 

Aagar apni desh ki realities ko samjhana gaddari ya deshdhroh hai, toh desh-bhakti ki paribhasha badlo. 
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Despite all that, he believes in combatting hate by spreading love and peace. He talks to students near tapris, middle-aged shopkeepers, rickshaw pullers and auto drivers. 

His pamphlets only state facts, they're politically unbiased and this is not one of those propaganda techniques. 

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An aged man, in his linen-khadi clothes educating common folks about science, secularism and NON-VIOLENCE should remind you of somebody. 

Source: Britanica

Leaving the luxuries of retirement behind, this wise old professor is the change we millennials wish to see


The only difference is, we just sit and talk about it, while Professor Tripathi is actually out there, trying to make a difference.