The Karnataka Chief Minister is making news for the wrong reasons. In a Times Now video report, Mr. Siddaramaiah is seen mocking the reporter who asks him about traffic inconvenience caused to the people due to the VVIP movement in Bengaluru.

“It is a good thing that you are doing. Please continue it,” is the reply accompanied with a smirk, followed by a ripple of laughter from his entourage.

“People will have to bear it,” adds the Karnataka CM.

People do not have a choice but to bear it, do they? The fact that the same people voted them into power hoping for good governance remains inconsequential. Except for raising voices.

There are plenty of instances where junta has been massively inconvenienced due to VVIP, VIP movements. Renuka Chowdhury recently held up an Air India flight to finish shopping. J&K; Deputy Inspector General Shakeel Beig ‘s son posted photographs on Instagram displaying abuse of power as a man sat on the floor next to the DIG helping him put on his shoes. Beig’s son deleted the pictures after they went viral.

We condemn VVIP Racism. It reeks of the Raj era. Should the citizens be made to put up with such power abuse, consistently?