Ever since the floods in Chennai, the army and the air force have been deployed in different parts of the city to help rescue stranded people of Chennai. But now there's a video that shows just how much they're doing to help those in need.

In a video posted by Madhu Khurana Gambhir on Facebook, what looks like a Cheetah helicopter of the Army is seen hovering just above a house in Chennai. The helicopter hovers dangerously close to the tops of the houses as personnel on board it use a winch to evacuate two people. But while the video says a pregnant woman was evacuated, the visuals show only what looks a child being taken up with a winch.

Watch the dramatic video here :

Kudos to airforce ... Evacuated one pregnant at Jains avantika lady and a child

Posted by Madhu Khurana Gambhir on Thursday, December 3, 2015