Kerala has been under complete lockdown for the past few days, to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Right now, 27 confirmed cases have been reported in the state. 

Affected patients are being treated in isolation wards while others have been asked to stay at home under self-quarantine. The number of positive cases reported in Kerala is the second highest in the country after Maharashtra (42 cases).  


And, because people are going to be spending more time indoors, Wayanad district in Kerala has come up with an initiative of distributing books and other periodicals, to all those who are under home quarantine.

While talking about this innovative scheme, in an interview with PTI, District Collector Adeela Abdulla said:

This is a kind of positive gesture on our part towards those who are under isolation. We are trying to send out a humanitarian message to these people that the whole society is with them and that it is for the sake of the society they are being put on home quarantine.

This whole exercise comes under the scheme "Donate-a-book." Anyone interested in donating books or periodicals can visit their respective panchayats. The panchayat then, takes on the responsibility of delivering books, through a mechanism, to those who are under isolation. 


The 'Relax and Read' scheme is already gaining popularity amongst the local residents who are really liking the idea and taking the project in good spirit. 

In an attempt to educate masses and create awareness, the district administration has also released pamphlets on COVID-19 in three different foreign languages and six Indian languages. 

Yet another example of a humanitarian gesture from Kerala. This state is really doing everything it can, to ensure safety for its people. Hats off!