“Give me 10 laws each in your department which we can repeal,” PM Modi had asked Union secretaries right after he took the chair in 2014.

The Constitution of India is the longest in the wold with around 448 articles, 12 schedules, 5 appendices and 98 amendments. But we have around 300 outdated laws, mostly from the colonial era which in the digital age are plain archaic and some even weird.

So, here’s a list of some of the weird laws that exist in India that we aren’t much aware of:

1. Did you know that you need a license to fly kites in India?

Indian Aircraft Act 1934

According to this act, you need a license/government permit to make, posses, sell or fly “any aircraft” which includes airships, gliders, flying machines and even balloons and kites. 

b’Source: Economy Decoded’

2. Married women can have extra-marital affairs and married men can’t!

Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code

You will be surprised to know that no action can be taken against a married woman if she is having an extra marital affair but it is illegal for married men if they are doing the same with married women. However, it is not illegal if a married man is having an affair with a girl/unmarried woman.  

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If you are attempting to commit suicide and fail, you can be arrested for committing a crime under Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code. However, it has been scrapped.

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You won’t believe it but if you have happen to discover a buried treasure worth even as little as Rs. 10, it still belongs to “Her Majesty“. In such a case, you need to file a report to the police or else you can be sent to jail.

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This act states that a man can become a father at the age of 18, however he cannot get married until he turns 21. This law also permits a man to adopt a child at the age of 18.

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Alcohol Laws in India vary from state to state, for instance, the legal drinking age in India, which in some states is 25 while in some it is 18 and in some it is 21. In Gujarat, Lakshadweep, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland, the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. In Delhi, home delivery of alcoholic beverage is illegal whereas home delivery of wine and beer is legal. 

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In Kerala, a penalty of Rs. 10,000 is imposed on parents who have a third child. China is not the only country with a strict child policy, I guess?


The Bengal Bonded Warehouse Association Act, 1838

This law says that property in an area of the former imperial capital of Calcutta can only be sold to the East India Company, which ceased to exist more than 150 years ago.

9. Drum Beats = Locusts in the city

East Punjab Agriculture Pests, Diseases and Noxious Weeds Act, 1949

In Delhi, if you fail or ignore a call by government to beat drums on streets if locusts invade the city, you can be fined Rs 50 for it.

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10. It is illegal for 10 or more couples to dance together at the same time

Licensing and Controlling Places of Amusement (other than Cinemas), 1960

Under this act, it is illegal for more than ten couples to dance together on the same dance floor. The law goes on to state that ‘if there is any crowding, the same must be reduced.’

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Yes, don’t get surprised, these laws still exist in India!