As soon as Delhi announced the opening of its liquor shops, social distancing went down the drain as thousands of people queued outside shops, violating the rules of maintaining distance.

In light of the violation, the Delhi government has said it will charge a “special corona fee” on sale of alcohol from Tuesday. 

People had even lined up outside standalone alcohol chops the previous day to buy liquor. Due to the uncontrollable crowd, the police were forced to baton charge in a few areas and also forced the shops to close.

As a result of this incident the state govt was forced to slap on a tax and this is what is called “the corona fee”. It is a 70% tax on the maximum retail price per bottle. For example, if a bottle costs ₹1000 pre-tax, the same bottle would now cost ₹1700 after tax.

 The special branch of the Delhi police has also prepared a report suggesting extending the timings of the liquor sale in Delhi after chaos outside shops on Monday.