As Bollywood star Salman Khan walked free in the 2002 hit-and-run case, here is what the victims injured in the accident had to say.

Abdullah Rauf Shaikh

"We have waited for 13 long years to receive justice and finally Salman was acquitted today. If the court had to pronounce a judgement in his favour it could have done so many years back. What was the point in making us wait for so many years," Shaikh , a survivor, said.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan | Source: Reuters

"I was injured, I broke my leg. I have small children but I cannot work because of my injuries. How do I earn and make my children eat?" he asked.

"We have been waiting for justice and compensation for the last 13 years but are yet to receive it. I have small children and am worried about their education and how to bring them up," Abdulla added.

On whether he personally saw Salman in the driver's seat when the actor's Toyota Land Cruiser ran over people sleeping on the pavement , killing one and wounding four, he said he hadn't.

"I did not see him driving the car myself, but others did. People have been saying that Salman was driving the car," he said.

Source: PTI

Abdul Sheikh

The family of another injured Abdul Sheikh, whose legs had got crushed under the actor's vehicle, also voiced dissatisfaction over Bombay High Court judgement. He demanded adequate compensation and allowance from the film star.

"The court should also have thought about us...Salman Khan should give us sustenance allowance and compensation," Reshma, the wife of Abdul Sheikh, said.

Sheikh, who currently lives in Gonda in Uttar Pradesh with his wife and four children, said he is presently living in poverty.

Source: PTI

"After the accident my husband is not able to work even as a labourer. He can work very little in the agriculture field and there is no other source of income. I am working to somehow make both ends meet...If Salman Khan gives us Rs 10-15 lakh, we will be able to bring up our children," Reshma said.

Salman Khan has already deposited Rs 19 lakh in the Bombay High Court registry to be given to the victims of the mishap as compensation following a court directive on a PIL.