Pet mein keede hain kya? As a person with high metabolism, I grew up listening to this and it used to scare me a lot.

There are worms inside my stomach? 

For a woman in Japan, this was all too real and even more serious as the worm – a live one – was happily living in her tonsil

The Guardian

It was found and removed by the doctors at the St Luke’s International hospital, after the woman went there and complained about an itchy throat.

The worm was 1.5 inch long and 1 mm wide.

So how did it get there? Well, one of the reasons could be that she had sashimi – a Japanese dish made of fresh raw fish and meat slices.

And the nematode roundworm found inside her tonsil is known to infect raw meat eaters.

Doctors further said that the worm they pulled out, was a 4th-stage larva, which means that woman must have had the 3rd stage larva.

Anyhow, now she is recovering and most of her symptoms have gone away.   

My throat feels itchy just writing this.