In a recent press conference, the Madhya Pradesh DGP, VK Singh stated that there has been a rise in the number of cases of ‘fake kidnappings’ because women are apparently more independent now than they were before.

Times of India

In a clip posted by ANI, he is quoted as saying:

A new trend has been seen in the form of IPC 363. Girls are becoming more independent as they are going to schools and colleges, so in today’s society, this is a reality. In these cases, the girls leave home but the report is of kidnapping.

The statement comes in the light of two rape cases in the state involving minors of ages 8 and 5.

In a particularly apathetic gesture, the police reportedly asked one of the victim’s family members to give him gutka.


According to certain reports, more than 6000 cases of kidnapping were reported in Madhya Pradesh in 2016 alone.