Turns out, yours is not the only life which does not much sense; it’s the entirety of existence. And no! I am in no mood to give you an existential ride but to remind you that life is weird. Some moments are outright WTF & then there are others when we’re on the 9th cloud.

Honouring this rollercoaster of a year, here are iconic TV moments from 2022 that had us wigwagging between WTAF & OMG

1. Ranveer Singh’s sensational bum became a National issue.

ranveer singh bum wtf 2022 moment
Did Ranveer Singh hurt your sentiments? | NDTV

After the viral pictures of Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot dropped in the media, the world went topsy turvy in discussing the actor’s gutsy move. Some found him as handsome as ever, while others questioned his moral stance. There was also an epic TV moment when a Mumbai-based lawyer got so carried away in justifying her complaint that she sensationalised the actor’s bum on National TV. Even the journalist couldn’t hold herself any longer and broke into laughter.

2. Incapable to process humour, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards.

tv moments 2022 hollywood slapgate controversy
WSFM 101.7

The slap gate controversy shocked the world. When Chris Rock cracked a joke towards Jada Pinkett Smith, her husband, Will Smith, could not digest the humour. Apparently, the actor had been laughing at the beginning when he saw his wife roll her eyes. This irked him, and he went on the stage, slapped Chris Rock, and warned him saying, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fkg mouth.”

3. Pulsating, pompous, and hypersonic remakes of classic Hindi songs destroyed our childhood yet another year.

2022 song remakes

Reading up on mortified audience perception of Neha Kakkar’s remake of our childhood classic O Sajna, I came across a piece on why people hate remakes by The Swaddle. Devrupa Rakshit writes how remakes, “by presenting familiar tunes and lyrics in a new package, inspire a sense of disconcertedness, rather than blissful comfort.” As Kakkar’s remake butchered another one of our favourite melodies with throbbing beats and distorted manipulation of lyrics, we longed for our golden days of childhood innocence.

4. Kanye West rambled about his admiration for Adolf Hitler, the barbaric Nazi dictator behind the holocaust.

wtf tv moments
NBC News

Yet again, rapper Ye upgraded his anti-semitic stance with his admiration of Hiter. In an interview with the notorious conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, the rapper made his problematic sentiments about Nazi dictator public. The world was shocked to see Jones comes across as a wise man, given his deep-rooted history of bigoted opinions.

5. Desis tuned in to watch the Noida Twin Tower demolition as if we were landing on Mars or something.

noida tower demolition
Hindustan Times

Almost all prime TV news channels did a countdown as desis gathered with their families and friends to watch the ‘historic’ demolition of ‘illegal’ towers. For what? All that demolition did for the majority was to give good meme content for an afternoon until IND versus PAK Asia Cup match drew our attention. On-ground reporters interviewed neighbours as if an extraterrestrial spaceship had landed. The entire buzz around the demolition was crazy.

6. Roger Federer had us run for tissue bank with his retirement announcement.

omg tv moments 2022
LEGEND | Zee News

We can never be prepared to bid goodbye to our favourite hero, but sadly, life goes on. As Federer announced his retirement from Grand Slam tennis, heartbroken fans flooded social media honouring the legend.

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7. Alia Bhatt made us wanna get married with her dreamy wedding pictures. All we need is a good partner now!

Alia Bhatt Omg tv moments

When Alia Bhatt dropped her drop-dead gorgeous wedding pictures, social media was mesmerized. It took collective and conscious efforts for us to move on from those adorable pictures.

8. Rishi Sunak became the PM of the UK, but Indians construed it as a personal victory.

Rishi Sunak British PM
Maharashtra Times

Will Sunak return the stolen Kohinoor? Will he forgo his loyalty towards his home country in favour of the country of his grandparents?

9. Deepti Sharma rocked, British cricketers shocked.

cricket moments 2022
Zee Business

In a major thug life move, Deepti Sharma displayed an incredible sense of match awareness in running out non-striker Charlie Dean via Mankading. Apparently, despite multiple warnings, Dean had continued to stand beyond the crease during the third ODI between India and England at the Lord’s in September. The famous run-out annoyed the hell out of English cricketers, who then began cribbing about the spirit of the game. Cos it’s much more convenient to diss our fair and square victory than owning up to cheating. LOL.

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10. Elon Musk took control of Twitter & mass exodus ensued.

elon musk twitter
The Verge

Apart from the usual bizarre statements & weird-ass tweets, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, drew big headlines for the havoc that seized Twitter once he took the reins into his own hands. Musk mass-fired employees from all ranks for as little as tweeting against him. He also warned them of a toxic hardcore culture. By default, mass resignations followed, and Twitter offices shut down. The state of affairs at the social media company became a centre of discussion, drawing varied responses from everyone.

11. Alia Bhatt created a world record for speaking only one name for three hours. SHIVAAA!

alia bhatt brahmastra film shiva

The biggest takeaway from Brahmastra was Alia Bhatt’s dialogue, Shiva, which felt like the only word she had in the film. The memes of Shiva and his button went viral as soon as the much-hyped film hit the theatres. Somebody even made a compilation of all of Bhatt’s Shiva scenes in the film. As it turns out, Bhatt said Shiva in the movie about 103 times. DAMN!

Which was your favourite 2022 crazy moment?