Despite all the risks associated, the essential services workers are doing their duties round the clock. No matter how much we thank them, it won’t be enough.


Recently, someone in Wuhan, China, decided to surprise a food delivery guy with a cake on his birthday, while he was busy delivering orders.

According to reports, the delivery man forgot to celebrate his birthday on 15th April due to heavy rush. Among all other orders, he also received a request for a cake.

When he reached the bakery to collect the order, he saw his name on it. Surprised by this, the delivery man kept on asking the shopkeeper if the cake was really for him.

Speaking to the local media, the shopkeeper said:

He kept asking if someone really bought the cake for him, and I told him each time, yes. Someone bought the cake for you.

He accepted the order and broke into tears while eating the cake.

A video of the delivery man sitting outside the shop and eating his birthday cake is going viral on social media.

This sweet gesture by an anonymous customer impressed netizens.

It’s really heartwarming to see people showing care and love for the essential services workers serving us round the clock.