In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack in California, another major city London witnessed a shocking incident, as a 29-year-old went on a stabbing spree, severely injuring one person.

The incident, which took place on the tube station of an east London suburb called Leytonstone, shocked the world and solidarity for the victims was voice across the nation, and the social media went abuzz in the aftermath of this case as well, like many other terrorist attacks before.

But a phrase in the video by a bystander became a much needed and fitting reply to terrorism, as was twitterati welcomed it with a hashtag. The anonymous voice is heard in the footage saying, “you ain’t Muslim bruv”.

Shortly after this, #YouAintNoMuslimBruv took Twitter by storm, and people have been sharing their emotions delinking terror from religion through the hashtag which struck a chord.

Prominent personalities, common people along with British Muslims took the opportunity to counter both terrorism and Islamophobia in one go, as Britain clearly took the edge in the fight against hate.

As British aircrafts are bombing Syria, many have warned that this decision might make things worse for the security situation in UK, as Syrian leader Bashar Al Assad described it as “playing into terrorists’ hands” .