Zakir Naik has apparently cancelled his return to Mumbai from Saudi Arabia on Monday morning and may issue a clarification via video conferencing, sources in the police have told Hindustan Times.

However, the reason for cancellation hasn’t been stated yet nor is there any confirmation on when he’ll be coming back to Mumbai.

The controversial Islamic preacher has been making headlines over the last few days over reports alleging that his speeches may have inspired some of the ISIS terrorists who killed 22 people in Dhaka on July 1.

On Sunday, Bangladesh banned the broadcast of Naik’s Peace TV channel.

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Meanwhile, Shiv Sena on Monday demanded that Naik be arrested the moment he returns and his “Peace TV” network dismantled.

Naik’s speeches are being probed by the Centre and even the funding of his NGO Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is under the scanner.

The 50-year-old televangelist has refuted such allegations and even denounced the ISIS as being s “un-Islamic”

Naik also added that his speeches on Islam and terror are being taken out of context and that he never propagated or supported killing of innocent non-Muslims. 

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