While we remain inside our homes, with little risk of contracting Covid-19, many people don’t enjoy the same luxury. 

Like Zomato’s delivery executives who are working to deliver essential items, despite the associated health risk. With most restaurants shut, Zomato has started the delivery of groceries. 

Business Standard

Apparently, in order to appreciate their efforts, Zomato added capes on the icons of delivery executives on their apps. The idea is to appreciate them as ‘superheroes’ for the work they do. 

However, people had conflicted reactions to Zomato’s gesture. While some appreciated the move, others took it to be an empty gesture and commented on what more could the company have done for the delivery executives: 

In the past, instances of delivery executives being harassed and assaulted by police for being on the road have also come up. 

It is important to remember that while we may have the option of working from home, not everyone enjoys the same privilege.