There's a reason why even the bravest person thinks twice before saying a 'yes' to working on night shifts. 

Don't believe me? Read these scary stories shared by these night-shift workers. 

1. He then looked directly at us and said ‘I’m gonna kill all of you.’ 

Working in a restaurant at 2:30 am some dude shows up and is just watching us through the front window... seemed drunk at first, ignored him for a few minutes, turned back around and he had a HUGE fucking rock in his hands and lifts it above his head and slams it against the window shattering the outside layer. He then looks directly at us and says “I’m gonna kill all of you.” We dialed the police immediately and armed ourselves with kitchen knives. He wandered back to his car and sped off. The cops got there maybe 8 minutes later and couldn’t find the guy.


2. The whole 8 hours he just stood there...staring at our building.

Worked overnights in a lab. One night there was a guy at the bus stop at the end of the drive leading to our building. It was exceptionally weird because no buses were running until morning. He had a backpack on and the whole 8 hours he just stood there, with his back to the road, staring at our building.


3. A very large man tried to shove me into the mop closet.

I worked the night shift at a book store. During one of my rounds, making sure everything was in place, a very large man tried to shove me into the mop closet. I am sure that he had ill intent. When I say large, I mean he was a mountain.

M Melanie Chevalier

4. The driver in the car grabbed me and tried to pull me.

I was a closer at a Wendy's. Someone pulled through the drive thru after we had closed (around 2 am or so) I opened the window to tell them we were closed. They rolled the window down in their car and said "What? We can't hear you." So I leaned out a little bit to repeat myself. The driver in the car grabbed me and tried to pull me through the drive thru window. Got free, locked the window as they sped the fuck away.


5. I ran to the next room and he just followed me around the house.

Was sitting at a desk in front of a good sized window, reading a binder. Sort of had that feeling like someone was watching me, so I looked up and there was a face pressed to the glass. No idea how long he was there before I looked up. Ran out to the foyer where there is a glass door on the porch that should be locked. It wasn't. He started shaking the door trying to get in. Ran to the next room and he just followed me around the house while I was on the phone with the cops, watching me through the windows. They didn't catch him that night. He came back the next night. They caught him. Creepy as fuck.


6. We're back watching TV and chatting, when we hear the front door open, then close again.

Working night shift at a care home. About 2 in the morning, the door bell rings. We go to investigate, find a man at the front door, he asks if he can use the phone as his car's broken down. We go get the phone and when we come back to the door he's gone.


7. He had his face pressed to the glass smiling and tapping on the window with one finger.

I was a janitor at a local gym. I was mopping the floors and had my back to the door. I turned around, and there was a man dressed in a super sketchy dollar store UPS costume. He had his face pressed to the glass smiling and tapping on the window with one 1 finger. Scared the shit out of me. He said to let him in to deliver a package. Mind you, it's 1:30 am. I said fuck that and called the cops. They found him trying to break into a house down the road.


8. They circled around & started following slowly behind me with their headlights off. 

When I was 17 I worked at a drive-in fast food place about a mile from where I lived. The store closed at midnight so I would start walking home usually around 12:30. 


9. She was super pale, covered in blood and was just staring behind us.

I worked night audit at this semi swanky hotel next to the airport. One night I get a call from a lady in 204. She says there was arguing, loud banging and crying coming out of 206, check the computer, no one is checked into that room due to maintenance issues. Wtf?! Called my supervisor to see what to do she tells me to call on site security and follow them up with a key. My heart starts racing as we near the door, so I hand the key to the security guard. The next 5 minutes seemed to happen in slow motion, he opens the door and immediately flicks on the light. (Keep in mind 206, we're on the second floor, only door in was by me, and this at like 3 am and there was no one around.) As we enter the room the shower is on, steam is coming from under the door. There is only one lamp on in the room, it's super cold, and there is a lady in a red lacy bra black panties, with super red hair curled up crying in the bed. She was facing away from us, as Frank approached her he asked if everything was okay, she sort of stopped crying and rolled over. When she did a wave of horror came over me, she was super pale, covered in blood and was just staring behind us. That's when we realized the shower had stopped and the door was open. There was a man about 6 ft 5 in standing in the door way, as we turned around, cops chased him, and arrested him. Turns out he was a rapist who hides in hotel rooms, kidnaps women who stay there, and cuts them open. To this day I will never go to a hotel again.

10. He started slowly & almost rhythmically pounding on the glass with his fists, still staring intently at me.

Well, this particular night, it was just myself and my mother cleaning one of our nightly buildings by ourselves. Everything was going smoothly until my mum realized she left our new box of Tide (we used it for the kitchen floors) outside in the truck. Me being unfazed by the aspect of being alone outside at 1 a.m in the morning chose to go get it and right when I was locking the door to the truck and inching my way back inside, I noticed a guy standing across the parking lot just staring at me. He wasn't moving or anything like that, just staring. It was creepy as hell, so I merely walked back inside and made sure that the door was locked before continuing to do my business. When I moved out of the kitchen into the front dining area to begin mopping, that's when I noticed that creepy dude was now standing beneath the front door awning outside, staring in the glass, looking at me.

11. He was covered from head to toe in blood.

I felt some guy stand behind (coming in from the street). After about 10 mins of this, I started getting a bit creeped out cause the guy was just standing behind me without saying or doing anything. I turned around to tell him to fuck off, but stopped mid-sentence.


12. Two men got out and tried to force their way into the office building.

I worked for a taxi company doing quiet night shifts, one time a customer phoned in to say her hire was late and I had to tell her that I didn't have any bookings at her address for then. She swore me out and cut off the call. 10 minutes later she phoned back to say she found out where my office was and was coming down with her boyfriend and her brother, this was about 0230. At 0310 a car pulled up in front of the office and two men got out and tried to force their way into the office building, I phoned the police but the people left before the police got there.


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