You must've seen them a million times outside showrooms. Staring at you. Expressionless. Emotionless. Wearing some piece of clothing that's meant to draw you inside the showroom. These are, the mannequins. 

However, we wondered whether these mannequins have been trying to communicate something to us. And as it turns out, they are. Check 'em out.

1. This mannequin, that's clearly tired of standing all day long.

Source: Picofunny

2. This mannequin that's as addicted to junk food as we are.

Source: Droll nation

3. Your Jain friend when you eat onion be like...

Source: Tribe Of Dardnaak Jokes

4. This mannequin jiske haath kaanoon se bhi zyaada lambe hain.

Source: Neogaf

5. These mannequins who got so tired of their job, that they hung themselves.

Source: The Sun

6. This mannequin that loves playing chuppan-chuppai.

Source: O2

7. This mannequin that's basically all of us on a Monday morning.

Source: Imgur

8. This mannequin that knows 'ki yeh araam ka maamla hai'.

Source: Cashculture

9. These mannequins that have probably heard the DJ play Ishq Tera Tadpave.

Source: Pinterest

10. These mannequins that probably know what you did last summer.

Source: OMG

11. When you go to a family function and see all your relatives. 

Source: Taringa

12. These mannequins who had an old score to settle.

Source: Viet

13. This mannequin, that wants to know what people are saying behind her back.

Source: Themeta

14. When you're a mannequin but Bharatanatyam is life.

Source: bao

15. These mannequins, who like the neighbourhood aunty, will always keep a close watch on you.

Source: rebrn

16. This mannequin that took its love for dogs to literal levels.

Source: ar15

17. Finding 'Nemo'.

Source: Pinterest

18. This mannequin that doesn't give a flying fuck about the customers.

Source: Boards

19. This mannequin that looks like it's gonna release the loudest fart in the history of mankind.

Source: Imgur

20. These mannequins that look like they'll break into the My name is Lakhan dance any minute now.

Source: Pinterest

They might be lifeless, but they're definitely not expressionless.