When I was a kid, I was really fond of all my relatives. My aunts, my uncles, my long-lost cousin, I loved meeting all of them. And don't get me wrong, I didn't like them because they were fun to meet. No way! They were anything but fun. 

The only reason I liked them, and I know you will agree with me on this one, is because all of them had the legendary Nokia 3310. 

Which of course came loaded with the supremely addictive game, Snake. Jump to 2017 and now Nokia has relaunched the iconic phone. What's more, forget the old boring colours, the new edition of 3310 now comes in funky shades of red, yellow, grey and black. Add to that, Nokia has even jazzed up the iconic Snake game and given it a completely new avatar.

1. This cute little button-snake that has threads in place of fangs!

2. This snake, that is best at connecting with friends.

3. If only I had ketchup, this would be my favourite Snake game. 

4. Here is a colourful snake, that is, I'm sure, one of the friendlier ones. 

5. Pepsi took it to whole new level, by making the snake out of their cans. 

6. This snake will definitely be my most prized possession.

7. THIS one that is on a mission to spread the love.

8. A snake that I wouldn't mind seeing on my phone #NoSurgeFTW

9.  A delivery pattern that's pleasing to the eye. 

10. This snake, which just loves to slither.

It's safe to say that people are really excited about the second-coming of Nokia 3310 and the iconic Snake game. Guess it's time to get used to the T9 keypad again!