A recent incident where a Meghalaya woman was insulted at the Delhi Golf Club over her attire has once again exposed the prevailing elitism and class-based discrimination in the country.

Tailin Lyngdoh, who works as a governess for an Abu Dhabi-based doctor from Assam, was reportedly not given a table because she 'looked like a maid' and "a dustbin".

When the incident sparked outrage, the club tendered an apology to her employer who is a member of the club. 

However, a look back into history will tells us this isn't the first such incident and our country is yet to free itself from the clutches of colonial mindset.

Source: b'Delhi Golf Club | Source: WikiCommons'

Here are some of similar cases of elitism and class-based discrimination:

Source: b'Mocambo restaurant | Pic Credit: Premankur Biswas/ScoopWhoop News'
Source: b"Suzette Jordan was denied entry into a restaurant-cum-pub in Kolkata because she was a 'rape victim'.\xc2\xa0"