An act of kindness makes for a real good story, doesn't it? 

In our crazy, fast-paced life we certainly do forget to stand and stare. We forget to be more aware of our surroundings. But, some people, are kind enough to make every second count and help someone in need, whether it is a person or a dog. 

Such was the case with Koral Dasgupta, Founder of #TellMeYourStory, who recently took an Ola cab and found herself astounded. She wrote this on Facebook. 

This happened in Mumbai, near Infinity Mall, at around 9 pm on 17th June.

"I was with my child and it was getting late. That's why I couldn't go with him to the hospital. Just left him as he neared my lane, so he could rush back to attend the pup."

Koral Dasgupta told ScoopWhoop.

In the day and time that we live in, humans tend to not care about fellow humans, leave alone an injured puppy. But this driver actually went ahead to save a puppy without any incentives. This should ideally be not a story here but, unfortunately, about 90% people in the world don't even care and hence we talk about the rest 10%, and Prashantha Kundar is one of them.

After looking at the status, Ola actually went ahead and rewarded Prashantha Kundar for his kind deed. They tweeted this.

This is wonderful. We wish there were more people like Prashantha out there sustaining humanity. 

Feature image is purely representational.