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Oct 27, 2018 at 13:36

Old Monk Is Coming Out With New Flavours Like Mojito, Apple & Cranberry. Where’s The Party At?

by Rohit Bhattacharya

We're getting some new tastes in town. Old Monk, the peacekeeper of every rum enthusiast, is branching off. They're coming out with a whole heap of new flavours, each one exciting, and perhaps a little intimidating?

‘The Connoisseur Collection’ by Old Monk includes Old Monk Orange Rum, Old Monk Lemon Rum, Old Monk Apple Rum, Old Monk White Rum, Old Monk Cola, Old Monk Cranberry and Old Monk Mojito.

That's a lot of new brews.

When speaking to ScoopWhoop, Rocky Mohan, Executive Director of Mohan Meakin Ltd. said,

"Yes, it's true that Old Monk is introducing a line of flavoured rums. It's currently in the trial and testing phase and will soon hit the markets."

Mohan Meakin Ltd. are known to be bottling some of India's favourite spirits, including Old Monk rum.

They're reportedly still in testing, and plan to hit the markets soon. If you're a fan of changing up your tipple and keeping things exciting, this should be good news. If not, you're boring.

We're in touch with the folks over at Mohan Meakin Ltd. and will update this piece with more information shortly. 

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